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InteriCAD T6 is a breakthrough version for InteriCAD with its latest technology – Interior Design System on the Cloud. It has certainly created a great impact to the industry, not only to the software users, but also trade suppliers in the market, with one of its new functions – Cloud Library (below enclosed with more information on the new functions in details)

InteriCAD T6 is specially developed to meet the needs of professional interior design, exterior design, render, animation, working drawing and furniture design; it offers an all-in-one solution to today’s design projects, large and small, residential and commercial. The combination of a purpose-built modeling module, an easy –to-use 2D design module, together with a state-of-the-art rendering engine makes every designer’s dreams come true.

Last but not least, InteriCAD T6 is also built-in with an independent platform, in another word, users do not need to invest in other software in order to run this advanced software. The CAD platform has all the functions and features sufficient to provide every drawing needs of the professionals!


·       Easy to learn and use

·       Quick modeling function

·       Professional working drawing system

·       Mass and updatable library

·       Handy material/texture/object edit in 3D scene

·       Realistic lighting and rendering

·       Faster speed rendering engine

·       13th Generation rendering engine

·        Flexible 3D model formation

·        Various rendering output: 3D presentation, paranoma, animation, dxf file, channel picture, andhand-sketching format

·        Intelligent 2D to 3D conversion

·        Innovative presentation tools


What’s NEW?


Cloud Library
Users can now access to endless 3D product model from major trade brands in the industry; therefore, it reduces largely of your time spent on 3D model drawing!

Cloud Service
Real time tutorial and technical support via videos is provided to all InteriCAD T6 users.


Cloud Display
InteriCAD T6 enables users to share and present their piece of artwork through social networking platform with just a simple click.


Furniture Design Module
With the advance modelling function and photo-realistic rendering engine, InteriCAD can produce almost any scene, result and the required outcome.

Now, the new InteriCAD T6 has made it further to add the Furniture Design Module to the software. Instead of selecting fixed model from the 3D model library, users can now easily create furniture with any size and design according to different needs under the virtual reality mode.


“It’s amazing! InteriCAD is really impressive and surprising me as I able to produce a perspective within 20 minutes where I used to spent 7 hours! Personally I love the incredible rendering speed! My customers always looking for something fast and good and I have no problem at all since the InteriCAD did help me a lot to get customer’s satisfaction.”

Chee Kai Meng, Director, Metafore Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)



"InteriCAD provide a solution to display many of my design in a very easy and fast way. I have been working very efficiently with the software. From my personal experience, you don't need to take long to master this software, it is very user friendly. With the minimum of time, you can produce quality work that satisfies and meets your customers' needs. I think everyone who has chosen InteriCAD is a winner, you win your customers with your design in the shortest period of time,"

FX Bambang S.N, Winner, Best InteriCAD 3D Award in IIDA 2011 (Indonesia) 



"InteriCAD's rendering speed has certainly amazed me" 

Ma JianKai, Design Director, Jie Yang Interior Design (Taiwan)  

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