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Welcome to Reginox Online Warranty Registration

Reminder :
1. All details on this E-Warranty Registration Form shall be completed before submit.

  1. Register within 14 days from the date of purchase or otherwise this warranty will be null and void.
  2. ONEE-Warranty Registration Form entitle for ONE product warranty only.

    (ie. if you have purchased 3 items of Reginox products, please fill in 3 times of this form for each

    different items you purchased)


Before proceeding, please read the following warranty provisions. Once you accept the warranty provisions, please tick on the checkbox below.

Warranty Period:

Stainless steel sink: Lifetime
Regi-granite sink: 10 years

Regi Color sink : 5 years

Tap: 5 years

PITT : 5 years


Delivery and warranty provisions for Reginox-stainless steel-products:


  1. Demonstrable defects in material and workmanship are entirely covered by this warranty,
    provided that they are notified to us within the stated time limit. The solution is at our discretion:
    either by a repair or a replacement.


  1.  Damage caused by overheating of electrical or gas equipment, water leaks, fumes, scratches, etc. as well as normal wear and tear are not covered by this warranty.
  2. Stains, deposits, etc. which are the consequence of using corrosive substances such as soldering fluid, paint/stripper/brush cleaners, metal grindings, cement, sink unblockers, silver polish, developing and fixing substances, etc. are not covered by this warranty.
  3. Sheeting subsequently modified by third parties, by creating cooking hob cut-outs, tap holes, etc., are not covered under warranty.
  4. A claim under warranty does not extend claims for extension of the warranty period or for newly delivered parts or the repairs that are carried out.
  5.  All replaced parts or old steel sheeting which has been replaced are the property of Reginox and are therefore invoiced and only credited after return.
  6. Claims under warranty and subsequent entitlement to repairs or replacement will only be dealt with if the complaint has first been personally investigated and reported by the buyer. No other claims or rights of any kind whatsoever shall ever be derived from this warranty.
  7. All goods must be checked prior to assembly and/or installation to make sure that they have been manufactured correctly, e.g. dimensions and cut-outs, and to make sure that they are not damaged.
  8.  Only invoices from buyers deriving from complaints etc. will be honoured, provided that there has been express prior consultation on the matter and agreement has been reached. (set down content of agreement in writing)
  9. When Reginox products are delivered, the recipient must check that the packaging is not damaged  immediately (within 48 hours) (dents, scratches, etc. and if necessary, this must be stated on the delivery  note.
  10. Our confirmations also serve as work orders for our production. It is therefore essential to check these because if there is no quick response, it will no longer be possible to accept any claim on the grounds of incorrect manufacture.

Agreement and Acceptance:: *

I accept and agree to the above warranty provisions


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